• Camera Specifications Lynx-1024-CL  
    Imaging performance
    Maximum line rate 40 kHz
    Pixel rate 50 MPixels/sec
    Exposure time range Full flexibility in settings from 3 μs to several seconds
    CDS Correlated Double Sampling
    Gain settings Various settings from 30 fF (HS) till 2130 fF (HDR)
    Pixel well depth from 450 Ke- (HS) till 32 Me- (HDR)
    Gain From 8 e-/ADU count (HS) till 580 e-/ADU count (HDR)
    Dynamic range From 280:1 (HS) till 2600:1 (HDR)
    ADC 14 bit
    On-board image processing Configurable single Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) with intelligent bad pixel replacement; user adjustable fixed offset and gain control
    Optical interface C-mount (optional filter retaining ring) F-mount (optional)
    Camera control CameraLink
    Image acquisition Integrate While Read (IWR) / Integrate Then Read (ITR); Snapshot acquisition
    Trigger Trigger in and/or out; LVCMOS
    Operating mode Stand-alone or PC-controlled
    Power requirements
    Power consumption +/- 2.6 W
    Power supply 12 V


    • Array Specifications Square pixel array Rectangular pixel array
      Array type InGaAs
      Resolution 1024 x 1
      Pixel size 12.5 μm x 12.5 μm 12.5 μm x 250 μm
      Spectral band 0.9 μm to 1.7 μm
      Peak Quantum Efficiency (QE) ≈ 80 % @ 1.6 μm
      Pixel operability > 99 %
      Array length 12.8 mm
      Array cooling Uncooled
      Dark current 1.5 x 10⁶ e-/s 1.5 x 10⁷ e-/s