he OTUS-L170 gyro stabilised micro gimbal provides outstanding performance in one of the smallest form factors available.

The two axis gimbal reach a new level of stabilisation performance thanks to purpose-built high-bandwidth torque motors implementing active vibration attenuation. All electronics required for the advanced digital control fits within the unit shell. The user only have to connect an external power supply, a video monitor and a joystick, to have the system up and running.

A three dimensional micro-mechanical IMU and a laser range finder mounted directly on the optical bench, allows for advanced features like geo-location and geo-positioning, provided an external heading source is connected to the OTUS-L170.

The powerful digital servo controller of the OTUS-L170 is even capable of providing enough computational power to drive optional features like vehicle control and navigation.


  • Gimbal System Two axis gyro stabilised fully integrated direct drive gimbal with embedded laser range finder
    Stabilisation Better than 100 urad
    Range Finder Performance Up to 1500 m range (option)
    Pan/Tilt Range and Slew Rate Infinite range if payload do not require extending snout (sliprings in both axes), 120°/sec maximum slew rate
    Interfaces 1 x RS485 for user interaction, 1 x composite video and/or 1 x component video
    Feedback Performance 0.036°/±0.1° typical encoder resolution/accuracy, 200 Hz update rate
    Power requirements 18 to 36 Vdc, 15 W (typical)
    Temperature 0 to +50°C operational, -40 to +50°C (option), -20 to +85°C storage
    Weight 2.4 kg
    Dimensions 170 mm diamater x 243 mm height
    Standard payload SONY block camera of type FCB-EX20DP and FCB-EX1020P, PAL (NTSC option), or according to customer specification (maximum size 50 x 100 x 100 mm)