• Module Specifications XCO-640    
    Focal length 15-330 mm f/4 (standard) 30-660 mm f/4 (optional) Broad selection of lenses available
    Lens control Integrated in camera interface
    Imaging performance
    Video output CameraLink GigE Vision PAL or NTSC
    Module control Serial channel CameraLink XSP (Xeneth Serial Protocol) GigE Vision Serial control XSP (Xeneth Serial Protocol)
    Trigger Trigger in and out; LVCMOS
    Power consumption 25 W
    Power supply 24 V
    Trigger Trigger in and out; LVCMOS; pre and post trigger
    Power requirements
    Power consumption < 40 W (at room temperature)
    Power supply 24 V
    Physical characteristics
    Weight module < 1.6 kg (lens not included)
    Dimensions (W x H x L mmᵌ) 93 x 100 x 160


  • Array Specifications XCO-640
    Array type InSb
    Spectral band 3.6 μm to 4.9 μm
    Resolution 640 x 512
    Pixel pitch 15 μm
    Array cooling Stirling cooled
    Thermal sensitivity (NETD) < 20 mK
    Pixel operability > 99 %